August 2019: Sarah is currently filming the feature film “Framed” directed by Nick Rizzini and produced by The Queen Mab Company.

June 2019: Sarah is back on stage and performs “Archival Ephemera” at the Florence Trust in London, a One woman piece directed by artist David Cuesta.

April 2019: Sarah completes a series of advertisements (to be annouced).

March 2019:
Sarah’s new showreel is available here.

February 2019: Sarah completes a series of advertisements (to be annouced).

January 2019: Sarah stars in Traveller’s latest music video ”One Word” and completes work on a series of advertisements.

December 2018: Sarah completes work on her undisclosed role on Wonder Woman 1984, directed by Patty Jenkins and produced by Warner Bros.

November 2018: Sarah has been cast in Wonder Woman 1984 in an undisclosed role. The feature film is produced by Warner Bros and directed by Patty Jenkins.

October 2018: Sarah completes work as the lead in Traveller upcoming music video “One Word”

September 2018: Sarah returns to acting and auditioning full time.

July 2018: Sarah completes her Architecture degree and graduates from Central Saint Martins.

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